Here we describe the development and validation of a peptide (Vn96*) with specific affinity for heat shock proteins (HSPs) and their complexes as tools for isolation and purification of HSP containing extracellular
Microvesicles (eMVs) and/or Exosomes (together referred as eMVs here) from cell culture media, human and animal body-fluids. We compare the specificity of the Vn96 peptide for the isolatation of eMVs from different sources with conventional exosome preparation by ultracentrifugation and a commercially available Kit.

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Unlock the diagnostic potential of exosomes

Increase the specificity and sensitivity of your biofluid-based molecular diagnostic assays with Vn96. The Vn96 platform technology can give you access to improved clinical diagnostics directly on site or at point-of-care with faster, more specific and efficient exosome isolation. All while using your existing infrastructure, minimizing your isolation time to less than an hour and eliminating the need for ultracentrifugation or expensive antibodies and filtration methods.
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